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  • – Emergency Service

    Geek Serv is a local small business with unmatched flexibility, committed to your productivity. Our technicians can be available for rapid response or off-hours service - call now for rates and details.
  • + Malware Removal

    Geek Serv's technicians are experts in cleaning today's adware, trojans, rootkits, and more. Say goodbye to annoying pop-ups, ever-present spam, and the threats of identity theft and wire fraud.
  • + Computer Repair

    Geek Serv fixes and maintains a range of devices; laptops, desktops, servers, and everything in between. We understand the importance of your data - all of our technicians have specific training in the preservation of damaged or inaccessible files. Don't let your computer's problems inhibit your productivity! Give us a call today and our technicians will come by and quickly get it running better than new.
  • + Data Recovery/Backup

    Geek Serv technicians specialize in data recovery and know that it is a delicate and often time-sensitive process. We understand the the underlying components of modern drives and use cutting-edge extraction and repair techniques to save as much of your information as possible. For drives we're physically unable to repair, we'll give you a realistic assessment of your situation and ensure you only invest money in recovery efforts that can succeed.
  • + Network Setup

    Modern networks present an array of confusing choices which impact your speed and security. Geek Serv designs and deploys simple, secure access to the information you want so you can get and stay connected, seamlessly.
  • + Small/Home Business

    Your small business can depend on Geek Serv for any and all of your IT needs - our technicians understand scalable business systems that are efficient today while enabling growth for tomorrow.
    We also offer monthly plans for cost-effective, ongoing service.
  • + Hardware Assistance

    Printers, scanners, cameras, backups... too many devices and not enough time to set it all up? Geek Serv's technicians remove the hassle and quickly get you up and running.
  • + Sales/Custom Builds

    Geek Serv provides unmatched service and expertise in helping our clients transition from aging, broken hardware to newer, more secure and efficient systems. We offer a range of desktop computing solutions for all needs and price points - we build and customize our own computers so you pay only for the features and power you want.
    Each purchase comes complete with 30 days of free remote tech support to help you settle in and learn your new machine.
  • + Remote Service

    Geek Serv's technicians are experts in cleaning today's adware, trojans, rootkits, and more. Say goodbye to annoying pop-ups, ever-present spam, and the threats of identity theft and wire fraud.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Geek Serv was prompt, knew what they were doing, and even helped with an auto industry-specific software we use. My problem was corrected quickly and very much to my satisfaction.
- Bob H. @ Rainier Autobody
Recently I needed a more powerful laptop and was expecting to pay at least twice what I ended up paying. I also felt listened to and as a result, got the help I needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Geek Serv for any computer need I might have.
- Susan K. (Madison Valley, Seattle)

I have used Geek Serv twice and both times I have been very happy with the knowledge, speed, and success of Heath's work. I am a fairly ignorant computer user, yet Heath was patient and understanding about my humble knowledge. I would recommend them to anyone!
- Janet T. (Madison Valley, Seattle)
Thank you for your excellent and timely service. Because of your professionalism I was able to recover valuable documents and return quickly to the business at hand. I am happy to recommend your service.
- William J. (Magnolia, Seattle)

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